About Linda

As a career firefighter and chief officer, I have learned that occupational stress is an ongoing concern for anyone in the First Responder field, and learning how to minimize that stress as a routine part of your program is crucial.


Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries are brutal, not only for the injured but also to their family, friends, and co-workers. Everyone in that circle is impacted. That is what makes PTSI different from a broken leg. It can't be seen, but the ripple effect has a far reach.


I don't have all the answers. My recovery from my own PTS is still a work in progress. However, having a skilled therapist as part of your recovery team is very important. I can't stress that enough. Get one!

My mission now is to help people with Post-Traumatic Stress accelerate their own recovery efforts.


I believe wholeheartedly in Post-Traumatic Growth. Between the principles of High Performance coaching, and the application of habits such as gratitude and journaling, I was able to shave months off of my recovery journey.


Each path to recovery is as unique as the person.


Be patient. Be kind. Be strong.


Ask for Help.


Recovering is worth it.


Linda Green



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