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Feb 12, 2019


I get asked WHY an awful lot.

“Why are you hurting yourself, day after day?”

“Why are you doing all of this crazy stuff?”

“But you’re retired! Haven’t you done enough?”

“Hasn’t your Post-Traumatic Stress Injury cost you too much already?”

My answer?


I hurt even more when I hear about another suicide.

All of this “crazy stuff” keeps me sane 

How do you define “enough”?

My “injury” has made me stronger.


 More complete.

 The fact is, every time I share my story, and one person takes the time to engage, and listen, and think, that is more time for them on the face of this earth.

 That is more time for them to nurture hope.

 That is more time for them to engage with their recovery process.

 That is more time for them to LIVE.

 That is more time for them to make a difference in another person’s life.

 My “ripple effect” will save lives.

 It may have already.

 Honestly, some people think I shouldn’t be doing this stuff.

 I almost believed them.

 I almost stayed in that small place that says, “In Service to Others”.

 I was recently asked what went through my mind at 3 o’clock in the morning, when the tones went off at the fire station?

 It’s a call to duty, was my reply.


 I don’t know about you.

 But I can’t ignore that call.

 That’s why I share my story.

 That’s why I talk about HOPE.

 That’s why I talk about COURAGE.

 That’s why I talk about GRATITUDE.

 That’s why I talk about COMMITMENT.

 That’s why I do what I do.

 Too many cops.

Too many firefighters.

Too many paramedics.

 Too many correctional officers.

Too many emergency dispatchers.

 Too many veterans.

 Too many families.

 Too many suicides.

 Too many destroyed lives that affects generations.

 It’s my CALL TO DUTY.


Are you with me?


~ Linda Green ~

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