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I am here to help you cut through the noise and find real resources to help you heal and thrive. 


Recovering from Post Traumatic Stress is a significant process for each survivor, and I followed a somewhat "unconventional" route when it came to my healing.


From getting my brain scanned at Dr. Daniel Amen's clinic (one of the world's leading brain disorder specialists), to exploring supplementation and nutrition, to being coached on High Performance methods and practices, I've been diligent in learning as much as I can about healing the brain.


Everything I teach and share is backed by scientific journals, medical studies, and other credible resources.

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Hi, I’m Linda!

I’ve spent 32 years as a first responder and have seen countless people (including myself) silently suffering with PTSD.

When you are sick, it’s easy to feel alone, crazy, and completely overwhelmed. It’s my mission to educate and support fellow PTSD survivors with simple tools that I discovered on my journey, so that they can assemble their own PTSD puzzle and reclaim their lives.

I am here as an advocate for you, to help you speed up your recovery and know what it's like to live a full, healthy life with PTSD.

"I was willing to do ANYTHING to beat my PTSD."


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