1:1 Coaching for PTSD Survivors & First Responders

You’re solidly on the road to recovery.
You want to get there FASTER.


- Your FAMILY needs you because someone else is also having a challenge.
- That JOB is waiting for you to return, or promote, or accept the transfer.
- You have a MISSION to meet that can’t wait another year or two.


Or, maybe you just need the permission to focus on yourself for once in your life.

You are WORTHY of that, right?

If you’re not sure, that’s cool.

Jump on a call with me. I'm here to help you navigate your recovery, discover new ways to thrive with PTSD, and define a roadmap for your healing journey.

The decision is yours.


The Recovery Roadmap Monthly Membership

Why are you here? Right now?
Do you know someone with Post-Traumatic Stress?
Maybe it’s you?

I get it. It’s easier to admit you have cancer than it is to say those three words out loud: POST TRAUMATIC STRESS

You’re worried about acceptance.
You’re worried about the stigma.
Hell, you are possibly even worried about keeping your job, let alone keeping the family

I get it. All of it.

I’ve been there too. I was injured over three years ago. (Oh yes. It is an injury.) And maybe that will help you deal with it better.

Back to the original question, though.

WHY are YOU here?

How will my coaching help you navigate the foggy mess of your PTSD? Your PTSI?
- Improve your personal ENERGY management
- Boost your COURAGE to tackle those tough conversations
- CALIBRATE your internal compass to point back towards your BEST self
- Prioritize your day to GET THINGS DONE

Here is how I deliver my training:
- I explain things with straightforward language.

- The tools I train on are streamlined for easy implementation.
- I provide an open door for communication.
- The pace is deliberate to avoid that sense of “overwhelm.”

I have decades of coaching experience that goes back to my fire service career, and I am a Certified High Performance Coach.

I’ve learned from some of the best coaches in the world how to deliver exceptional value.

I’m bringing all that, and more.

I am passionate about helping people with PTS get back on the right path towards life.

Because YOU are worth it.


1:1 High Performance Coaching Program

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How do High Performers get so much done? What makes them different? Can you learn how to
“level up” in this thing called Life?

Of course you can.

Many of the High Performers I know had humble beginnings, myself included. I felt like I had
accomplished numerous things, doing the best I could, in spite of my upbringing and education.
I honestly believed that I was a High Performer, until the universe threw me a curve ball, and I
got to the point that being “stuck in a rut” was no longer good enough.

I turned to coaching for the first time in my life. What a difference that made for me then! That
rut I spoke of? It had a name called Post-Traumatic Stress.
This coaching helped me stay above the undercurrent of my injury for months, until the
symptoms became too hard to ignore.

This coaching shaved months off my recovery time, as I applied these same principles to getting
my life back.

Imagine what it can do for you.
- Are you clear on who you really are, and what makes you successful?
- Would you like more energy? For work? For family?
- What could you accomplish if you had more courage?
- Would you like to get more done, in less time, so you could focus on what is really
important in your life?
- Who in your life needs you to show up, be fully present, and lead?

Learn how to apply concepts and tools surrounding clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and
influence on your own life.

The world needs you.

It’s time to level up.

Apply now.


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